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Multifamily Investments Simplified

While multifamily assets make for the ideal real estate investment opportunity, developing, acquiring, and managing multifamily assets, they can get really complicated.

But investing doesn’t have to be. That’s why we aim to keep your investor experience as simple as possible.

Join our Investor Community today to access our open opportunities. As always, we’ll only bring you the deals we’re vested in.

Investment Standards Simplified

Our standards are high but simple. Before any deal hits your inbox, it has to be this good:
  • Stable, Value Add Opportunity with Attractive Flexible Debt
  • 8% - 10% projected Avg Annual Cash on Cash Return
  • 2x Equity Multiplier within 5 years
  • Post-renovation rent increases
  • Solid Sponsor Team with a Combined 5000+ Units and 35+ Years of Multifamily Experience