Meet Mailbox Money

Our Mission

Our mission is to make great returns for ourselves, our clients, and our investors by purchasing and improving assets that people want to live in. We add value through low-cost, high-impact design improvements based on the asset at hand.

How We Execute

Not only do we know how to make spaces people want to live in, we are passionate about investing in them.

As a firm that vertically integrates development, construction, property management, and asset management we are able to add value efficiently and effectively. Acutely aware of the monetary impact each decision makes, we unlock potential with simple and surprising solutions.

Our Team

Dusten Hendrickson

Founder, Real Estate Syndicator

Whether you’re new to real estate or a seasoned investor, I’ll be your primary guide to earning passive income.

My entire career is grounded in real estate. From owning a roofing crew to building homes, duplexes, and apartments, I amassed the experience it requires to successfully integrate development, construction, property management, and asset management into each project.

Daniel Matajira

Director of Investor Relations

Daniel has an extensive track record working with a good number of clients in the construction, residential and commercial real estate industries.

From doing door-to-door sales to brokering multimillion apartment buildings, Daniel has achieved outstanding results by always putting his clients’ interests first.

Daniel graduated as an Engineer from Universidad Industrial de Santander, a top 5 University on his native country, Colombia.

Anna Rempe


I ensure each project is completed according to our internal standards.

Drew Dertien

Videographer and Branding

I specialize in graphic design, videography, photography, and social media marketing. Using these, I am able to brand any up and coming projects or rebrand anything that needs a modern makeover.

I utilize my creative flair to give each asset an identity as distinct as the property itself.

Our Partners

How we started

  1. 2004

    929/927 Western Ave, Brookings, SD. Duplex - 2 Units, New construction

  2. 2005-2010

    Dakota Trail Duplexes, Brookings, SD. 10 Units, New Construction

  3. 2011

    Started “Brookings Built Green” Focused on green construction and design

  4. 2012

    Invested in Value Add multifamily in Minot, ND during the Oil Boom. Properties went full cycle in 2013/2014

  5. 2013

    Watson Clinic, Brookings, SD – 20 Units Mixed use Office and Residential, Historic Remodel

  6. 2015

    Lofts at Main, Brookings, SD – 32 Units Mixed use Retail and Residential, New Construction

  7. 2017

    Flavor Spoke-n-Sport, Brookings, SD – Commercial Property, Historic Remodel

  8. 2018

    Ben Franklin Building, Brookings , SD – 22 Units Mixed use Office and Residential, Historic Remodel

  9. 2018

    Volga Townhomes, Volga, SD – 10 Units Residential, New construction

  10. 2018

    Lakewood Oaks, Jacksonville, FL – 132 Units, Value Add Project

  11. 2019

    300 unit ALT - Invest-GP / Raise money/ Design & construction consult- legacy/Rainer

  12. 2019

    Pheonix,AZ-130 Unit,Invest-LP

  13. 2019

    Lapaka Flats-130 Unit, San Antanio(Eleminated SA from my markets) Invest LP

  14. 2020

    Weatherly walk- 192 Unit- Atlanta GARaise money/Design & construction consultant, Rebrand, videography,social

  15. 2020

    Park Ave Capital- 76 Unit (maples) Sioux Falls, Invest LP/GP/ design & rebrand - unit/flips construction consult

  16. 2020

    Tomar Park- 72 Unit-Sionux Falls, Invest LP/GP/ design & rebrand - unit/flips construction consult