What is
Mailbox Money?

Mailbox money is our term for passive income. Although there is no such thing as passive income, the goal is to make it as passive as possible.

Appreciation is the most passive way to create wealth and multifamily real estate is the least risky. Risk is further minimized by the immediate tax benefits of real estate investment.

where a $50,000 minimum investment can earn you $4000 cash flow per year while you reap

There’s three ways that we create forced appreciation

  1. We buy undermarket through our network of deep relationships.
  2. We purchase poorly managed properties.
  3. We purchase dated units in need of updates.
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Strategy and Services

We Focus on Markets that Matter

Whether it’s an acquisition or a new development, Mailbox Money deals are differentiated by our market-first approach. Our team focuses on assets that produce cash flow, appreciation, and tax depreciation targeting a return of 20% for ourselves and our investment partners in growth oriented secondary and tertiary markets.

By accessing the Investor Portal you can view all of our working deals and opportunities for investing.

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We also partner with other sponsors to add value to existing and developing assets in our clients’ portfolios. By applying our design, branding, and asset management philosophy to each opportunity, we can efficiently and effectively improve your cash flow


From owning a roofing company to building homes, duplexes, and apartments, my entire career has been grounded in real estate. While I found the formula for making spaces people want to live in, I also developed a passion for helping others obtain passive income.

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